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About ICT Enabled Education

ICT (Information For Communication Technology) in education has been gaining recognition and importance in the last decade. ICT is used synonymously with online but stresses the role of unified communication which is not restricted to computer systems but also other communication platforms.

KKHSOU distance programmes have traditionally been delivered through the help of textual material and study centres. Over the past few years, the best Universities across the world have adopted ICT services to improve the learning experience and magnify the quality of education for students pursuing classroom learning as well as distance learning. The youth of today lives in the world of internet where high quality service is available to them at the click of a button. Be it in India or in the most advanced nations, there is a missing link in the service available to students due to the nature of distance education. KKHSOU takes prides in being an early adopter of best educational practices globally and has taken multiple initiatives that would support the academic and operational needs for the students to have a world class learning experience.

Why KKHSOU has taken to ICT

We are moving towards a world where mobile and internet have become a basic necessity in the home of every individual. Internet usage in North East has been gradually increasing and both state and central Govt. is providing ample support and infrastructure for Digital India. Recognizing the benefits of online and m-learning, Krishna Kanta Handique Open University decided to offer programmes in the ICT enabled mode. Student opting for ICT services can learn through their laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablets. Mobile app is also available to students who use Android smartphone through which learning has been made possible without internet – anywhere, anytime.

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